Our Story


Our Story

The Birth of Simply Sisters®

We are a small group of friends in Tulsa who had met weekly for years to work on scrapbooks and enjoy girl time together. Eventually, we started a Bible Study in the morning, followed by lunch, then working on scrapbooks in the afternoon.

During this same time, Sheila Shields was going on mission trips to Romania with ladies from her church. With local churches, they hosted tea parties for ladies in difficult circumstances as a way to connect and share with them about Jesus.

With time, God moved on the hearts of our small group of friends to begin doing similar ministry in other countries. In conjunction with the ministry of DoorWays® we were provided opportunities to minister in Egypt, Argentina, Australia, Mexico, and Albania. We have also been able to touch the hearts of women in other countries even though we have not yet traveled there.

God continued to stretch us. It felt as if He were asking, “What are you going to do in the USA?” Thus, Simply Sisters® was born. It was a natural process for our scrapbooking group to use some of our time together to make and gather items to encourage ladies within our sphere of relationship. We put together gift baskets to deliver to ladies and gift boxes to send to those who lived elsewhere. We have found there is no greater feeling than to know God has used us to make a difference in someone’s life during difficult circumstances.

We also have an extended Simply Sisters™ event every other month for ladies to join us as we prepare for our international projects. Many of these ladies have been a part of those Simply Sisters™ teas as well as helping to provide items for local ministry. We do not anticipate everyone will travel to other countries. However, if you feel God directing you to participate on a trip, please feel free to contact us.

Recently, we have been in contact with a school for unwed mothers and a home for foster girls between the ages of 16–19. We look forward to seeing how God may use us in those organizations.

Please review “How to Start A Simply Sisters™ Care Group” for ideas on what your group might look like. If you choose to be a part of Simply Sisters™, we know your group may look totally different than ours—and that’s okay. You may have a Bible study and craft time, or follow any number of other interests. God may bring to your attention an organization in your area that needs Godly women to come alongside to help and impact hearts for Him. There may even be a domestic or international mission trip in your future.

Our hope is that you will gain inspiration from some of the things we do and trigger great ideas for your group. We welcome your ideas, too. When we share our burdens and victories with each other we will become even more creative in our different locations.

We hope you will become part of our Simply Sisters® network and look forward to hearing from you as we work together to minister to other ladies who need an encouraging touch.


We invite you to start your own


How to Start a Simply Sisters® Care Group:

  • Keep it small.
  • Invite three ladies.
  • Allow each lady to invite one friend.
  • Have lunch at your home.
  • Discover common interests:
    • Baking, Cooking
    • Board/Card Games,
    • Crafts like Scrapbooking, Crochet/Knitting, Sewing,
    • Investments,
    • Reading, etc.
  • Set a regular meeting time.
  • Enjoy your regular get-togethers!

Your Simply Sisters® Care Group Can:

  • Have breakfast, lunch, coffee, or dinner.
  • Discuss what’s happening in your life.
  • Pray for each other.
  • Discuss a scripture, book or other series.
  • Enjoy common interests.
  • Think of others your group could bless when they are experiencing illness, family difficulties, life or job transitions, grief or loss, and even celebrations.
  • Prepare an encouragement box, basket or gift bag. Give it to anyone to whom you would otherwise say, “I’ll pray for you.”
  • Write a note to let the recipient know your group has been thinking of and praying for them.
  • Mail or deliver the items.
  • Share with your group any feedback from the recipient.
  • Repeat

To Get Started, Simply Register Your Group with Us!

Our goal is to see hundreds of Simply Sisters® Care Groups all over the country. And the only way to track how many loving, caring sisters are participating is to request that you register your group. There is no cost or fees, and there is no obligation on your part other than to honor our simple and easy-to-understand terms of use.

When you register your group, we:

  • Grant you the use of the Simply Sisters® name.
  • Provide you access to the Simply Sisters® Leaders private group on Facebook.
  • Offer tips, hints, and suggestions for your group via our periodic newsletter.
  • Share testimonies and words of encouragement from other groups.
  • Pray for God to bless the work of your group!

Register Your Group!